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Tips for beginners how Driving a Car

Tips for beginners how Driving a Car
Most of the drivers are able to master novice feel the steering wheel and take lightly. They rush down to the highway, causing a danger to themselves and other road users. Actually, there are many things to consider when you are still a novice rider or a driver's car. But with regular practice and coupled with your flying hours, of course it would not be difficult. Coupled with review tips learning to drive a car following your workout will certainly be more focused so that eventually you become quickly proficient and skilled in driving and driving a car.

Pray before running the vehicle. Give your body and mind a break with enough sleep before you drive your vehicle. Always remember also to avoid the consumption of drugs or alcohol when they want to go driving.

Practice first ground airy. Find airy place in your area, could field, vacant land, etc. Learn the basic techniques such as turning on and turning off the engine. Running the car forward and backward, turn right, turn left. Make it too complex variations of basic exercises that you quickly adept at driving a car. Do not just circling the field. For example, practicing gearshift between 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear until smooth. Draw a line to practice walking straight. Also create a marker to learn to fit the car body when turning or parking.

Launch shifting gears in a manual car. The novice rider generally not fluent in moving the gear teeth. There are still thinking before shifting gears. There are still looking towards the gears. Of course it while driving may cause distraction. Another case, someone forgot the clutch. All that would be able to jeopardize the safety of themselves and others. If it is used, shifting gears will certainly become a reflex without thinking first.

Tips how Driving a CarExercise parking cars. Look for places that you think suitable for practice car park. There are several types of car parking should be mastered. You can practice to park the car, for example with the position of forward, backward position, oblique parking, parking or the usual horizontal edge of the road. If you are able, add a bit of a challenge to park in a field that is uphill. By practicing your park, feeling and roughly where you place the car in the rearview mirror to be untrained.

It's good to know some more about the workings of the clutch and gas your car. Look for a slightly uphill terrain, and train your feeling that the car is not moving backward, without you hit the brake pedal and pull the hand brake lever. Try to keep quiet stable car, only with a capital of the clutch pedal and the gas pedal. This technique will be very useful later. The thing to remember, do not ever take off the clutch when you've stopped until you actually had to neutralize the tooth or teeth positioned at zero because the car will surely soar.

For beginners is very important to choose the right car. The point is this, you can just choose a car pick up to learn to drive a car. Pickup has a body that is small, you will certainly be easier driving. In addition to learning reverse parking a car pick up to give you the flexibility to look back. But when you change cars are larger and do not provide flexibility to look back, of course you will have trouble. In contrast, if you are from the beginning to learn the car with a big body. When you're skilled, changing the size of a smaller car would be very easy for you. It was just an idea for consideration, the decision is certainly up to you.

Choose routes or streets which you are familiar. With the terrain you already know certainly help you in driving. You know where there is a traffic light, intersection, there are potholes, know also where a rotating direction. Street field that you know will make you safer and quieter driving.

Familiarize shall control the steering wheel with two hands. Even if you have still, do not get used to driving with one hand except when you move the gear teeth. After that? Restore your left hand to the wheel. Driving with one hand is very dangerous, especially if the car has not power steering. That is why it is forbidden to drive while receiving a phone. Besides being able to disrupt the concentration, the strength of the hand is not strong enough if at any time be swerved.

Remove footwear for comfort. This is what I do with my feet when driving, namely by removing footwear. Barefoot, I'm easier to step on and regulate the pressure on the pedals, both the gas pedal, brake pedal or clutch pedal. This method is also appropriate for novice drivers, to remove footwear, your feet will be trained to recognize where the gas pedal, pedal, brake and clutch pedals. Novice riders often mixed up when you press the gas pedal and brake pedal. Be careful.

Adjust the seat position. Adjust the size of your body. Adjust the rearview mirror also right and left, as well as rearview mirror in accordance with the position of your seat. Create as comfortable as possible, good posture, and your view through the rearview mirror. If you want to listen to the radio or CD, should be set before you start the trip. Setting things like that when the vehicle has been running will be dangerous.

You should be more careful when overtaking, do not push yourself if the available space is too cramped. If you hesitate to take the road while trying to overtake, you should not overtake. You also must yield to the vehicle with the number of wheels less.

Familiarize yourself with the rearview mirror. If you want to turn / lanes / overtaking habit to always turn on the turn signal and see the rearview first. Also keep an eye on while on the road left side of the car so as not grazed motorcyclist or other vehicle on the left side of the car.

Its main focus towards the front if you are driving a car toward the front. Look towards the side and rear view mirrors is important to know the circumstances, but not for too long glued to the rearview mirror for the safety of your driving. Likewise, if you're walking backwards, focus the rearview mirror or glass behind you and do not be too long glued to the windshield.

how Driving a Car
Get used to keep the distance between your car with a vehicle in front of you. It is very important to anticipate vehicle brake suddenly. Especially if you are still in the category of novice rider. Your reflexes may not have been good enough to anticipate the situation.

Do not drive over the speed limit of normal and well-adjusted with the current traffic conditions. When running at high speed, it's hard to anticipate if there are bad things that happen. For example, when your car tires burst. Passing through the hole at high speed can make the wheel turn himself. Bringing the car at high speed for beginners is also not good, especially when passing through winding, sandy road, a wet road is slippery due to rain,

Be sure not to violate technical regulations, and do not ever violate traffic regulations. For the safety and comfort of you and the other drivers around you. Drive patiently, and when you and the person in the car is going down, either at rest, and after arriving at the destination, never to leave valuables in the car. This is to prevent the occurrence of crime and other things that are not desirable. That tips on learning to drive a manual car for beginners. For those of you who are learning to drive a car. Lab Automotive

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