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Preparation Traveling Far by Car

Traveling far by car is a lot of advantages, in addition to saving costs also more efficient if we want to visit other places after we finished the main goal. While traveling far there are two things that need to be considered first is our physical condition and secon is the condition of the car we will use.

Driving into the distance definitely tiring journey, thus requiring physical endurance and important factors when driving a Car or Vehicle. Many car drivers do not know how to drive safely while doing long journey, so frequent accidents and other problems. Here are tips and how to drive or driving long distances, so that your journey to your destination safely and avoid accidents.

Driving Tips:

1. Sufficient rest if you want to drive far as going home, because driving in a state of drowsiness and fatigue can affect your concentration when looking at the road and could fall asleep. Do not take supplements and drinks that can cause you drowsiness. Take little break to restore when you feel tired, a minimum of 2-4 hours for the condition of the body get fit and be able to concentrate again.

2. Make sure seated driving position that makes you comfortable in driving, changing the position of the seat and headrest and back until you feel comfortable. Set the rearview mirror, so you can see the right side, left side and rear. Good position while driving reduces the fatigue of the body and increase concentration that occurs while driving.

3. Driving safely as attention to the conditions around your car, adjust the braking distance because of the sudden brake is dangerous, keep the distance with the vehicle in front of you. Turning on the turn signal when to switch lanes and consider first the other vehicles around you. Do not accept telephone / sms while driving.

Conditions good vehicle certainly provide comfort when a long trip, even though the trip was very urgent always do check the condition of the vehicle. Imagine how hard it that journey amid the engine suddenly your car breaks down or the simplest tire leak, the trip must be frustrating. In order for your journey comfortable then here are some simple tips vehicle condition checks you can do yourself before the trip.

Check your vehicle from the outside of the radiator and the engine such as water, oil, brakes, tires and other parts. Before traveling in a vehicle should you repair earlier to make it more secure. Avoid overloaded or not in accordance with the capacity of your car.

Quick examination:

1. Check the oil, make sure the oil inside the engine volume is enough, by checking the oil level on the stick. Pull the stick and wipe with a rag, reinsert until completely closed clan drag again. Look at the limit of oil that stick to the stile, should be in the line between the "L" and "F" and should slightly below the line level "F", if less add to taste. Make sure deadline (kilometers) and your oil consumption is still enough for the distance you will travel.

2. Water in the radiator and the amount must be sufficient reservoir, which is in full condition radiator, while in the reservoir up to the limit level or the easy half of the reservoir and does not need too full. Also check the condition of hoses radiator hoses clan hose coupling to the reservoir. Had hose bulging in parts cracked or cracked should be replaced breaking in the middle of the road. Also make sure the hose connection to the engine and the radiator is quite tight and not leaking.
3. Check car battery the firmness bolt on the battery poles, clean the battery poles of dirt / crust attached. Also check the battery acid level, if less add battery water pure. Recommended battery lifespan is usually around 2 years, if good battery maintenance can be more use can be longer.

4. Check the level or volume of brake fluid in the reservoir, if it exceeds the limit reduced the minimum level, should be suspected the possibility of leakage. Check the brake system is seen no leaks in the hose, brake master, and check to see if there was damp on the inside of the wheels as wheel cylinders sign of leakage. Check also that the whole wheel can be braked by a good, if not sure of the condition of the brakes of your car, take it to the mechanic to be checked, because the brakes are very vital part.

5. Tires is the most vital to ensure the safety and susceptible to damage. Check whether there are sharp objects damaging the tires, check tire tread for damage, injury or lump clan is still worth taking, then check the wind pressure. The recommended pressure can be seen behind the car door a note in front of the right. If no reference can be used a common reference that is between 30-34 psi.

6. Lamp. Check all lights, whether there are dead or not. Also check the level of dimness bright lights, if it looks less bright than usual, check the condition of ground wires or the bulb, especially for the headlamp, immediately improve if you find a problem in that section. Also check the sign lights, brake lights, reversing lights and city lights, make sure that all the conditions to function properly.

Bit quick tips on how to Drive Safely for long trips and Quick Check Car for long trips, have a nice trip and return safely.
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