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Simple Ways to burnish Paint

Many people think overcoming paint dull car by visiting a salon car and pay the money does little to polish their car paint so that it looks like a new car. However, it is not absolute and must, if you know a lot of ways to take care of the paint without repainting the car.

You can find out how to polish the paint and make your car shiny again, enough with simple tools and inexpensive, these tips just need a little polish (any brand), spoon, fine fabrics, with this recipe and follow the instructions polish your car will shiny, sleek and Wet look without going to the salon car.

Do you know if the car paint polish often able to scrape paint your car without realizing it, protective paint and the paint will run the car will disappear. To polish yourself please do the following tips:

Follow the steps below:

1. Purchase wax products in nearby stores (polish)
2. Clean all the parts to be coated (do no dust / dirt), wash the car if necessary.
3. Using a foam / spoon, then apply a thin layer of polish you into the parts to be coated.
4. Wait 1 to 3 minutes and wipe it off with a dry cloth, smooth and clean, do a circular motion until the surface of the paint looks shiny and glowing.

By knowing how to care for a car with good paint, paint your car will make it more durable and long lasting. Good luck.
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