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Know Cause Fast Heat Machine / Fast Car Engine Temperature Rise

Warning to vehicle owners whose cars fast heat or hot air temperature fast! Do not ever underestimate this problem. Remember the worst result of a car engine that fast heat is a fatal accident, the car can be damaged or even sudden halt in the high-speed engine and must be death.

Not only because of the heat / frigid, but there is also a car engine suddenly died and did not work / strike could be due decoil / coil which is not normal. If the coil problems it will cause the engine off when in hot conditions, but if the engine is cold can be turned on again.

The common problem of fast cars hot temperatures typically experienced by a vehicle that old age, but can also occur at the possibility of the vehicle was new. This could happen because there is a person, for the sake of cheaper prices than the competition between sellers of new cars per unit of some parts replaced with quality No. 2, and the original is stored to be sold again.

Based on experience and disc brake month-old had to be replaced, after the check turns out sparepart is not original. So, be careful choosing a seller, do not be lured by cheaper prices, but risky.

And here are some of the causes of rapidly rising car engine:
  • Radiator and Hoses
  • Radiator fluid
  • Quality Oil / Oil Reduced
  • Fan Trouble
  • Disorders Machine
  • Thermostat
1. Radiator and Hoses 
Always make sure that the radiator is in good condition, 'no leak', 'not blocked', 'no crusty', including hoses or that relate directly to the radiator. If true problem because the engine heat radiator radiator or take it to a specialist if necessary replace with new. Remember! that the fluid in the radiator is rarely reduced when in good condition / Normal.

2. Radiator Fluid
Ordinary water / well water / ground water in it is contained metal or mineral, in a continuous will cause a 'crust' on adiator element.

Look for water that is free of metal, water distillates AirCondisioner or bottled water and a liquid coolant radiator. But if it had been years using plain water and then you replace it with liquid coolant may actually scraping crust in the radiator so that it can clog.

If using non coolant, the maximum should be replaced once a month, I guarantee not one month of water would have been discolored and murky. (Regular maintenance) If using coolant, make sure you choose a qualified and regularly replaced.

3. Quality and Oli Oli Reduced
Oli not qualified will not stand the heat, automatically the oil will evaporate and be reduced, the engine oil shortage causes the engine performance more harshly because of friction, and friction constantly makes the engine temperature faster and hotter. If the oil quickly diminished not because of bad oil, make sure the engine does not leak, and no smoke white.

4. Disorders Machine 
 Engine trouble here refers to point 3 (engine oil shortage), and many other disorders such as engine damage to engine components, etc.

5. Fan Trouble
If 4 things above normal, then make sure the fan is running normally and includes automatic switching contained in the cooling fan. Could be because of fan rotation is weak, or because the automatic switching fan broken.

6. Thermostat
Thermostat is an indicator of the temperature measuring device located on the machine, make sure the thermostat is in good condition, a broken thermostat will not produce the right temperature accuracy.

So 6 points that we need to check if our cars to crash the car temperatures quickly rising temperatures. Hopefully this article can help.
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