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Tips : Do not Forget Rotate Tires

Do not Forget Rotate Tires
Tires are essential components of the four-wheeled vehicle that requires special care. Road conditions and driving habits make tires quickly exhausted.

The manufacturer issued a recommendation to rotate all four tires regularly, move the two rear wheels to the front and the reverse. This is so that the wear on the tires can be evenly and help extend the life of the tire usage. The recommended distance of each brand is different. The safest distance every 5,000 km or 10,000 km.

"Rotation is important to keep the vehicle tire wear. In addition to the rotation do not forget to make the process of balancing the tires are rotated so that worked out well. "

This balancing process is performed at least on two wheels that move from back to front. This is because when the driver avoid the holes, the front tires can escape from the hole while the rear tires are often still hit the hole. Then the rear tires must be treated balancing.
Tips : Maintenance Tires
Actually, four-wheel balancing may be in, but the two tires is enough. In addition to the cost saving reasons, the two tires that had the back tire is that quite often hit the hole so it needs to check his balance

After the four-wheel rotated, fill the tires with air pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This is so that the tire can work with maximum tread the asphalt and uneven wear can be avoided.
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