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Car Care Tips for Beginners

Car care routine can minimize the damage, extend the life of the car, prevent greater damage and saves the cost of taking care of the car.

For someone who has had a car is certainly a little confused how it should treat the car the right way: what needs attention, automobile components that must be checked and how to repair minor damage that occurred.

The most basic and foremost are always keep the cleanliness of your car, the inside of the car or the outside of the car. The easiest way to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle is to wash your car regularly

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the car regularly, you also need to know - the basics for taking care of your car

Caring Auto Glass
If you want cleaner, then automobile lovers can use a glass cleaner that looks clear windshield. Windshield cleaners can be purchased at auto repair shops (car care) in a nearby town.
To make sure the cars windows rubber/plastic window does not touch the vehicle glass windshield when raised and lowered if it touches the repair and cleans the droppings for the possibility of plastic/dirt large enough to scratch the glass when moved.

Caring Paint
Avoid parked the car on a hot spot (direct sunlight) as more many cars exposed to the sun, the more quickly flat paint the car, the car park in a shady place at home (Make a roof for shade car).

Caring Cabins Car
Always clean car cabin from dirt, grime usually found in many parts of the floorboard (ex-food), part of the car seat (sweat), and the dust in the interior of the car (remove dust with a duster or microfiber duster/wool).
If the vehicle smells do not use perfume to eliminate the smell, better clean the source of the smell, then use natural scents such as clove, tea, etc.

Care Car Batteries
Maintaining the car battery are at least three things that should be considered include:
1. The water level battery: make sure the battery water level should be at the lowest possible above the line and below the top line (the line), not to a lack of water and if the lack of battery water volume added up to the recommended level, use pure water (distilled) or water battery
2. Voltage battery: Make sure the battery voltage is 12 volts, the way a check is with a voltmeter
3. hygiene poles: pole-pole negatively or positively on the battery often dirty due to chemical reactions, always clean it if it looks dirty so that the electric current supplied by the battery is not choked.

Caring Radiator
Radiator critical function that is cooling the engine. The quantity (amount) of water in the radiator determine how well the radiator can cool the motor in addition to a good fan rotation. Less water can cause less than maximum cooling and engine become hot quickly, as well as the performance of the engine reduced (even sudden break down due to overheating). Before traveling further check whether the water, if less immediately add water to the brim. Make sure the water in the radiator is always filled not be less, use clean water so that the radiator durable because if the water used is dirty, it will easily happen crust and had to clean it up.

Car Care Tips for Beginners

Car Lubricants 
Oli car has certain usage limits, how many kilometers each oil must be replaced? In general, the engine oil can last up to 5 thousand to 10 thousand kilometers depending on the route followed, if the oil is too old is not replaced then the impurities dissolved in the oil is increasing and not ideal for lubricating engines. In addition to the amount of oil should also be kept in check so that the engine does not lack oil. Indications of oil must be replaced are:
1. Kilometer show between 5 thousand to 10 thousand
2. We can check by unplugging the oil stick, make sure the volume of oil by the recommended level is recommended stick
3. Try drops of oil on the finger, and feel whether the oil is still clean or existing little metal fragments. If you feel there is a small piece of metal, then the oil should be replaced

Car Equipment
Car Equipment
Do not forget to bring any of your car equipment such as jack, tools kit, and manual car. Because of unexpected things often happen on the way, for example, a puncture and the car broke down
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