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What to Do When Having Car Accident

Call Insurance for Insurance Claims
Traffic accidents are always a threat for vehicle users and traffic. Vigilance and caution is needed by all users of the road to avoid the possibility of accidents. However, even though has been very careful sometimes accidents still happen. No one can avoid an accident, but we can minimize the risks.

When the car we drove had an accident, rational thinking and calm must be hard to do. Emotion, annoyed, and panic would have been mastering our hearts and minds. Especially when looking at these accidents cause damage to our favorite car. It was, immediately call the auto vehicle insurance not occurred to our mind even once.

Well, to prepare if untoward incident happens to us, do things below when a car accident.

1. Stop and Pull over
When the car you had an accident on the road, even if the damage looks minor, such as abrasions or scratches, you should still stop the car. As much as possible, pull off the road safe and quite crowded, but still around the scene.

2. Give Cues
In order, not to disturb other drivers when you run into an accident, you can give a cue signs as a sign when you're in an accident. When the accident scene when the car lights the dark and you cannot turn on, you can use a flashlight as a token gesture.

3. Call Police
If such accidents are not casualties, you can call the police. With the police, you can solve your problem, and to help untangle traffic jams that will certainly due to the accident.

4. Provide information to the Police Accident in Detail
When police arrived provide detailed information on the location, date, and time of the accident is complete. Make sure the other party shall also provide accurate data so that no harm either party.

5. Use Mobile for Taking photos and recording evidence Accident
Take advantage of your mobile phone to record the crime scene, including the condition of the car after the accident occurred. Photos and footage will help you to re-examine the scene and the damage to the car after the incident.

6. Record Detail Accident
Directly make a note of the location, date, and time of the accident. If possible, also attach the weather and road conditions that you are following. Ask the personal data of other parties involved (the owner of the car that was hit or crashing), note the license number, name, address, telephone number, and vehicle license plates.

7. Call Insurance for Insurance Claims
Directly contact the car insurance to make claims of this accident, after you do the things above. Therefore, the longer you wait, you will be forgotten with details on the crash.

8. Check to Hospital
Sometimes you forget to check into the hospital after an accident. Although your injury is not too severe, you should check in detail to the hospital so you know you are injured really badly or not.

9. Hire a Car Accident Lawyer
When this accident cannot be resolved amicably, and should be resolved legally. You have to spend more money to hire a lawyer, make sure you can legally protected when you are not at fault in the accident. In addition, their attorney can help you when the compensation of insurance is not issued in accordance with the initial agreement. Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer ?

Well, hopefully the above tips can help you to prepare for when an automobile accident, always be careful - careful street good luck

What to Do When Having Car Accident
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