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Tips on using the Engine Brake

Engine brake to be another way to lower the rotation speed of vehicles in addition to the conventional braking makeover. Generally, engine braking techniques more easily done on a manual transmission car.

Although it can be done but the engine brake should not be applied continuously or frequently. This should only be done typing the crucial moment, such as when braking is not able or when the steep slope.

Basically the engine brake is braking the vehicle speed due to the constraints on the spin machine. This can occur from two things, the transmission of the decline from high to low gear and also loosening sudden gas in low gear.

Most often do the first. People often do engine brake by lowering transmission from high to low gear. Although it can help maximize function or brake to stop the car, but very dangerous when done at high speed. Moreover, too often.

Doing the first way is more effective, but the effect is ruined. When do engine brake of the upper teeth directly to low on the engine or transmission there will be a resistance that makes a loud scraping happen, especially when at high speed. This could damage either the engine or transmission
In addition to the brake, the engine brake can also be used to reduce the speed of the car. However, when frequently used or how to do it wrong, it is likely to make a broken car engine and transmission.

Using the engine brake can only be done in certain situations. For example, when the passing lane steep slope, the car is quite run use second gear. This method is more secure because it is not to damage or overload the transmission and engine components, only the effect is a little wasteful fuel car.

In addition, specialized in manual shift when the car will use the engine brake must also be regular, for example, if the transmission position in fourth gear should be down to third gear, do not jump straight second gear.
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