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Simple Ways to Take Care of Car Engine

Here are 4 simple ways to treat the car
Car overall need maximum care to keep it in prime condition. But not everyone has the time or the habit of taking care of the car in detail. For you do not have time, there are some important parts on the car that you need to take care and should not be ignored.

The new car was also require periodic maintenance properly, apply to the type of car matic (automatic) or a car with a manual transmission.

Car engine maintenance is easy, do check regularly on engine oil, air filter and radiator fluid, and drive a car with reasonable care.

Here are 4 simple ways to treat the car

1 Change oil regularly

Engine performance is very dependent on this treatment. To keep the car in order to prime the engine car oil must be replaced regularly and on time. In general, the replacement of oil after the vehicle a distance of 3000 km to 5000 km or in accordance with the standard rules of each type of car,

Besides the selection of the proper oil to the needs of car engines can prevent overheating of the engine. Oli is very important endurance car engines, oil plays withstand the friction in the engine.

2 Check the radiator or coolant fluid

Radiator is very important to neutralize the heat engine. If water radiator empty not only cause damage to the machine, also can endanger the driver. Vacancy water in the radiator will cause so-called heat engine overheat. Seeing how important the radiator to the engine conditions, the water in the radiator should check your car regularly.

3 Runway your car

The car's engine is not used for a long period of time will produce a crust on some parts of the machine. To fix it, simply by stepping on the accelerator pedal so that the vehicle is in running fast and crust contained in the machine can come out through the exhaust. Of course you have to pay attention to driving safety when trying to spur faster your vehicle.

4 Clean the filter carburizing

Factors causing the car engine is turned hard sometimes include carburizing filter is dirty. Cleaning the filter carburizing is not difficult, just use a toothbrush to remove the crust and dirt in the filter. Avoid using a hairdryer or compressor when cleaning the filter carburizing would risk causing damage to the filter layer carburizing.

Hopefully after this knowing you will start to do it and make your car do not often get in repair shop

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