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Opel Zafira Tourer 2012

Opel Zafira Tourer The German van after gasoline and diesel engines, also added alternative fuel engines are highly efficient and environmentally friendly: the new version of Turbo natural gas, characterized by 530 km, the best in this segment, far beyond the threshold of 500 km. Like the previous model, even Zafira Tourer features Opel monovalent and has a power reserve of 14 liters of petrol for autonomy over 150 km.

The characteristics of the engine Opel Zafira Tourer The Zafira Tourer 1.6 Turbo 110 kW/150 hp gives, 210 Nm of torque and has a top speed of 200 km / h. The car consumes 4.7 kg/100 km of methane in the mixture, at 7.2 m3 and about 6% less than the previous Zafira. Reducing consumption and emissions reached 129 g / km compared to 139 g / km from the preceding generation. These values make the Zafira Tourer in good standing in accordance with the Euro 5 legislation.

Not only methane but also biogas for Zafira Tourer The Opel Zafira Tourer goes into methane but not only of what to eat: actually 1.6 also works with other fuels such as biogas (carbon dioxide emissions almost equal to zero) or with a mixture of methane and biogas. The increase in fuel consumption and emissions, in reality the new Zafira Tourer methane autonomy has been improved, thanks to a new system of light tanks approximately 25% compared with a model that makes it possible to increase the capacity of methane to 25 kg (model Previous: 21 kg) and optimization of the propulsion system. Price of the Zafira Tourer version from € 27,700.

Opel Zafira Tourer tank system Of 21 kg from the previous MPV (which still sold), Opel engineers have brought methane tank volume to 25 kg, thus increasing methane autonomous mode traveling about 25%, to 530 km. They also changed the steel cylinder, choose lightweight composite materials with a cutting-edge carbon fiber, which has led to savings of 85 pounds. To increase the autonomy of the electronic pressure regulator is also used in a mechanical, as in the case of methane previous Zafira. 

Thanks to the electronic regulator, when the cylinder is almost empty it is possible to exploit even the smallest efficient backup. In the seven-seat configuration, the Zafira Tourer has a clear advantage over the competition in terms of autonomous way. Monovalent systems for maximum efficiency in everyday driving Opel is the first manufacturer to optimize engines for natural gas usage by adopting monovalent plus intelligent systems. Thanks to the approach already experimented and verified, the engine has been optimized for the use of methane, but the vehicle is also equipped with extra fuel tanks with a capacity of 14 liters. When natural gas tank is empty, the car automatically starts using gasoline.

The interior of the Opel Zafira Tourer methane For the rest, the Zafira Tourer does not change the internal characteristics, which have very flexible. In fact, thanks to the interior space and flexible seating system, Zafira Tourer offers a load volume of relief (more than 1800 liters with all rear seats folded). There are numerous storage compartments, including the revolutionary multi-functional Flex Console, further advancement of innovative Flex Rail previously served on the Opel Meriva. This innovation sets new standards and is one of many examples of the flexibility of the Zafira Tourer class. Contains armrest and storage compartment, along with cup holders, can move along your aluminum to be brought into the desired position, enabling flexible use in a wide space between the front seats, right where it is more accessible and useful.

In the brightness provided by the panoramic glass roof, while outside the scope of the load is further enhanced by intelligent operators Flex-Fix, which allows you to load up to 100 kg, so you can also bring a new electric bike. Load carrier can be tilted and locked at an angle to allow opening of the door, making the luggage compartment of the new Zafira Tourer is always accessible from the outside.
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