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News Mercedes-Benz new Concept

The transition is very short production. CLA series is ready, and the first time appeared in Beijing, continued launched in Europe at the Paris Motor Show.

Third of five. Families of compact based on the MFA platform continues to grow: the new B-Class launched, a new architecture of front-wheel drive raises the revolutionary class A, and is now suitable for a support structure for a series of five models. In addition to CLA, derived from the concept of the four-door style, will arrive in the near future and a compact SUV Shooting Brake variant CLA alone, along the lines of its bigger brother, the CLS.

Find new customers. CLA is also the realization of the model: a unique positioning in the shade of the House of Representatives, would allow it to attract customers on the one hand the traditional sedan segment D, the other customers of the sports coupe without excluding part of the audience more attentive current trends Great little SUV.

The five-seater car. From the founding sedan-coupe, the sister recovered a lot, but not everything. The most significant difference? Mercedes-Benz Como, they designed the interior of all cars with a three-pointed star. Instead of CLS, roommates had a cabin with four individual seats, CLA will focus on the five-seat configuration of more conventional.

Advanced design: predict, visualize, and design. More information about trends, not everyone knows that the production car design is defined by the biggest advance in their marketing. Focused on the example of the new A-Class: the new sport sedan line only disclosed to the general public, including in 2007, has been designed and developed by 2009. This is the role of the advanced design centers: around, observing and imagining what is now turned into the long term.

You change a winning team. The purpose of the designers who have been following the development of the car was to give birth to a real sedan in full respect of tradition in Stuttgart, but without giving up the sport contamination - in fact - have played a very important role in the success of the new A-Class: the new sedan, just arrived, has sold 4000 copies, bringing public showrooms in 75% of cases never buy a Mercedes-Benz.

Finding the final model? The Couple Concept Style Full details can be found in the cockpit of CLA. Dashboard, first of all, have a lot in common with a highly developed class wide output outwards. There will then be a free-standing, which looks similar to the tablet, while the material has a very sporty connotation.

It all starts with F 800. Changes in home style, after all, come from far: the year 2010 is presented by Style 800 F, a prototype with a fluid and elegant style anticipate, as we say designers, subsequent lines C-Class, expected in late 2013 and 2014.
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